Mass Appeal’10: Wearable Art

Mass Appeal is a annual fashion show in Buffalo. By the help of my good friend Frank I was invited to be behind the making of the show. Dedicated to promoting student designers at Buffalo State College (YES!! students designed what you see above!) In this selection are Wearable Art that most of the designers made out of coffee bean bags and coffee filters. Also wooded corsets with jewlery implanted on the garments and corset skirt made out of pages of books. Privileged to be Press taking photos of the garments, I had such a wonderful time and astound by the capability of these originated Buffalonian designers. Often the only place I’ll consider to have the territory for designing in New York is New York City itself, but the joke was definately on me. I humbly misconstrued and is anxious to see whats in store for next year show!

Above is photos of my lovely friend Frank and my two favorite pieces of Wearable Art. (More photos on designers will come soon!)


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