Azealia Banks-F*#k up the Fun

This girl contiues to chit chatter about the shit that matters in her eyes and want the whole world to know it……..

I don’t know if this song is for all of her haters, competition or just to those who deserve the call out but Azealia Banks is known for saying whats on her mind and in this song she’s still holds no fear to not hold back. With Diplo on the beat and a crazy fast melody to her lyrics, Banks “Fuck up the Fun” seem to be dedicated to all the “wannabe” female rappers and something tells me this song is also for her current rival, Iggy Azalea when she said “C’mon yah bitches not fucking with me….yah bitches like out here tryna fuck wit these lil rappers…i’m trying to get this money out here fo’ real fo’ real fo’ real”  Hmmm idk Iggy is dating Harlem’s own A$AP Rocky, you tell me who this song is for. Listen to the track here!


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