Crazy Sexy Cool Movie


Did you watch Crazy Sexy Cool last night?

If you didn’t then you must be living under a rock.

The famous breakthrough group of my time biopic premiered on VH1 last night and in all honesty, I think Keke Palmer, Drew Sidora and Lil Mama did a great job (especially Lil Mama). The sensation took me back to a time when I remember of self empowerment of women and  the possibility of almost anyone chasing and fulfilling their dream.  Who knew that the group went through so much of a struggle and still was truly happy to live their dreams and see their fans. The movie transitioned into what is  a epitome of the groups success although it seemed that they never physically seen the benefits from even the beginning of the group’s creation. Overall, it teaches the old and new fans of TLC about the physical and mental challenge of following your dreams. Plus reliving the fashion back in the day was great as well! Great job girls!!!


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