KimYe Big Day Almost Here!

Kim and Kanye leaving their hotel for versailles's castel reception verkanyekim1 verkanyekim3  verkanyekim4 verkimkanye2 10362207_632238376866029_824691237_n_zps064b1400 10311274_1421449298128888_1382215924_n_zps8d816a92 1168368_1486242761609791_2120053422_nScreenShot2014-05-23at70622PM_zps59a7d058 10349772_276205082562229_693286490_n_zps327dade3


Though some like myself really wouldn’t consider this to be exhilarating news, today’s trending topic in fashion and pop culture is about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Pre-Wedding party in Paris and Wedding that is around the corner. As a PR writer, one can’t deny the fashion that is dominating the essence behind this coming attraction towards Pop’s favorite it couple wedding and dinner night out. Kim in the $80k Balmain Dress is completely my main focus of it all. What about you?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West head to the Chateau de Versailles to start off their wedding weekend **USA ONLY**


Meanwhile some fan caught a horrible angle of Kim showing the blotchy make-up most celebrities seem to be having issues with lately. Yuck!

via,theybf, bossip,shefinds


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